Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9 Ways to Increase Visibility...and Indispensibility!

  1. Send an email showing teachers how to navigate to your ONLINE RESOURCES. Send a simple snippet - A picture is worth 1000 words.  You may think this is too "basic"  but believe me...there's probably someone who needs to know.  Notice how we're right up there with "poison control"?! 
  2. Share your ESL resources with ESL teachers and foreign language teachers:  Spanish Encyclopedias, BrainpopESL, translation tools within our database systems. - Remember... we (WSWHE SLS) purchases  for the ESL students at our level.  This is available to you. 
  3. Share your digital eBooks - Example: Scan the new Social Studies Frameworks to lessons that could be connected to our ROSEN publisher  SPOTLIGHT ON NEW YORK BOOKS.    Share a sample lesson plan idea from the teachers guide.   Check these out at our link: 
  4. Reach out to the PTA and offer to host a "Cool Tools for Home" show.  Strengthen your connection with parents, so that when you need their'll have it. Share your links to Overdrive and other online ebook, audiobooks, and resources for kids!  Don't assume people know about this.  
  5. Offer to take classes and teach "research" for substitute plans that are "scheduled" -(I used to do this and would know..."Oh yes.  Nanette will be out next Friday 'sick'."  I didn't care, however, because I knew her kids were learning vital skills.)   
  6. Offer to provide a "Book Mobile"  in the classroom.   Hotpicks for pleasure reading, or a subject-specific print cart.  Ask your PTA if they will purchase additional carts for classroom mobile libraries, if they have deep pockets.  Be innovative with your bookmobile ideas.  See Sue Kowalski's postings of her mobile library as their school re-builds! 
  7. Reach out to new teachers and offer to "help them meet their CCSS "Research Anchor Standard"  - Offer to increase the "rigor" in their research.  Kids need to "transform, not just transfer" information.  We need to build knowledge, not present mere facts.  
  8. Brainstorm an AIR program in your library.  For more information on "Accountable Independent Reading, see this blog posting - Got Air? 
  9. Prepare Screencast instructions on a tool such as   Don't assume that teachers will know how to use your database tools.  Make it easy to meet their needs, even if they are in their classroom with their 1-to-1 devices.  Regain the foothold lost to devices, by creating easy links and easy instructions.  Try to keep instructions to as few steps as possible such as: 

    • Choose a database 
    • Keywords
    • Search 
      • Cherry pick (choose from the hitlist)
      • Closely Read 
      • Comment -Notes
      • Comprehend 
      • Communicate  
    And for number 10?... You share your's! 


  1. ​Another way to increase your visibility is to create a magnet that reminds students when their book is due. Overdue books have long been an issue in our library, as I'm sure it is in many libraries, and I've tried everything from bookmarks to flyers home to try to reduce the number of overdue books. I hope the magnets work and am confident they will because they can be placed directly on the refrigerator and remind parents and students about when their books are due. And because it is a constant reminder of books, hopefully it will be a constant reminder of how important the library program is to everyone. Simply write the day that students in a particular class should be returning books in the blank spot (near the bee). To view my version of the magnet go to:​