Thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my book 2 in the If We're Gone series, entitled, Will You Miss Us If We Go?  This book has amazing illustrations and compels young minds to want to know more and care about endangered species.  This also correlates to the NGSS. 

Also... newly published Professional book for librarians entitled, Springboards to Inquiry: 50 lesson plans for the k-5 librarian! Available through most all book sellers, published by Libraries Unlimited. 

Yay!  A new publication to add to my resume: Who Will Roar If I Go?  is my new book. This one is for kids--and adults who enjoy reading to them.  Available via Amazon, B & N, Follett, and your favorite bookseller. 

During 2014-2016 I was the Instructional Focus Editor for School Library Connection.  Each month I contributed to the publication as well as networked and secured articles for each publication. Please see our SLC blog or SLC publications for recent articles. I am pleased to serve on their Advisory Board. 

In addition to these three books published by Libraries Unlimited, some my previously published articles are listed below. 

Repackaging Research. School Library Monthly. September 2014. (Two articles in this issue)  - Monthly Column on same topic.  See every issue in this 2014-15 Volume 

RX for the Common Core; Toolbox for Inquiry Based Learning.  Co-Authored with Mary Boyd Ratzer.  Book Accepted for print by Libraries Unlimited.  Publication date - January 

Your Hidden Asset. Scholastic District Administr@tor. Spring 2014. 

The Wrong Villain:  On Common Core column. School Library Journal. January 2014 

Close Encounters of the Complex Kind.  Library Media Connection, January 2014.  

Hear Ye Hear Ye: Messages from the New York Common Core Crier.  Knowledge Quest.  January-February 2014.  

Connecting and Collaborating with CCSS:  The Six Shifts.  School Library Monthly,  Volume 30. November 2013. 

  • The Common Core's 7th Shift - Research! 
  • School Library Journal
  • July 2013
  • Read this article about my "evidence based claim"! -- We live in a data driven world. This data says we have an unofficial shift.
  • Vulcanizing a Voluminous Vocabulary
  • School Library Journal.
  • June 1, 2013. 
  • Words are not just words. They are the key to achievement. It's time to take this seriously...again.

Stem, eStem, and the Cybrarian: What Every Librarian Should Know, Library Media Connection  May/June 2013 LMC: Jaeger, Paige

Getting a Grip on Librarian Evaluation, School Library Monthly, April 2013 Vol 29 No 7.

Readability and Reading Fluency, On Common Core column, School Library Journal, March 2013, p. 20.

Missing in the Common Core, Library Media Connection, March-April, 2013.

A Match Well Made: The standards’ emphasis on information aligns with librarians’ skills | On Common Core By Paige Jaeger  School Library Journal, November 2012.

"Is a Picture Worth $2500.00?:  Understanding Facts Visually" School Library Journal. August 2012. 

NYSED Rubric: Measuring Stick for Effective Library Programs."  School Library Monthly.    May-June 2012, Vol 28, Issue 8.

"Common Core: Rx for Change." School Library Monthly Apr. 2012: 5-7.

"Complex Text, Reading and Rigor; Using technology to support the dramatic changes in the CCSS." Library Media Connection Mar. - Apr. 2012: 30-33. 

"We Don't Live in a Multiple-Choice World: Inquiry in the Common Core."Library Media Connection. January/February 2012 v.30. p.10.

"Transliteracy--New Library Lingo and What it Means for Instruction  Library Media Connection. October 2011.

"Out of the Mud and onto the Highway: Entrance Ramps for the 21st Century Librarian. Library Media Connection. March/April 2011 p. 50.

"Virtual PLC's at Their Best: A Daily Diatribe ." Library Media Connection.   March/April 2011.   Library Media Connection;Oct/Nov2010, Vol. 29 Issue 2, p14

Marketing Information Literacy. |School Library Monthly. March 2009 

Metacognition and Learning in the Library: Think Jane Think. Library Media Connection, November 2007. 

Older publications include articles in national magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and reprints within books.   

Please see my complete profile on LinkedIn: Click Here   

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