Sunday, January 8, 2012

CCSS Superhero Verbs - ready to rescue!

People all over America are trying to figure out the Common Core, when this is easy.  Common Core is real teaching at its' best.  Common Core is teaching in an old Socratic method, infused with information, embedded with technology.  It is Socrates on steroids. It is not teaching to the test.

In the Anchor standards of the Common Core (which are no longer broken out separately on the CCSS website, but are now buried within "Key Points in ELA" and Key Points in Math), there are recommendations for pedagogy.   Any seasoned teacher examining these recommendations will remember when they used to teach this way..before NCLB. 
Below you will find all the  recommended instructional power verbs from the CCSS.    This is the ultimate abridgment:  

Analyze - think analytically
Address a Question
Solve a problem
Conduct a short research projects
Conduct sustained research projects
Students generate questions
Explore a topic
Draw evidence from texts
Support analysis
Research and reflection
Gather information from print and digital sources
Assess the credibility and accuracy of sources 
Integrate information avoiding plagiarism
Produce and publish writing
Interact and collaborate
Write arguments to support claims
Formulate an argument
Prepare and participate effectively in conversations. 
Build and express persuasively
Express information and enhance understanding
Sounds like a field trip to the library is in order....

Here's a sample recipe for cooking up a great student-centered lesson:
  • Identify content and learning objective
  • Pre-assess (authentically)
  • Activate thinking  - hook & identify prior knowledge (pick verbs above)
  • Plan lesson  ( pick a verb above)
  • Plan for student-self-assessment and knowledge product
  • Plan assessment for knowledge product
  • Integrate information
  • Embed technology
  • Define vocabulary of the discipline that you expect to see within knowledge products
  • (Refine your lesson with a gold standard UBD template, of course.)
Next week we will hold PD... Come with content leave with a lesson.  Join us for our second full-house PD on Aligning Instruction for the Common Core Content.  Here's a lesson plan organizer, if you don't live in "upstate NY."
Scorates would be proud.  Don't let him down.

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  1. What a terrific and truly helpful post! Thanks, Paige! I really appreciate all the work you have done to help school librarians embrace the CCLS.