Sunday, December 7, 2008

Higher Level Thought?



    This teacher tube is a Must-See for the quintessential example of creativity. (Only a librarian will appreciate this.)

  2. Thanks for sharing some of my findings on your blog! I check in with Alan November, Will Richardson, Classroom 2.0 (of which I am a subscriber), and I listen to the podcasts from for a lot of my 2.0 information. I also subscribe to Edutopia online and hardcopy. Shift Happens and In Plain English on YouTube were starting points for me - and did I mention that I'm teaching in the computer lab this year? Also, I'm a member of NMSA and MAMSE. NMSA has some great podcasts embedded on their facebook page. NMSA's conference in October was focused on technology. It was awesome!!! I read last summer that educators should at a minimum: 1. have a facebook page with their real name, 2. social bookmark, 3. subscribe to and read blogs in their field or of interest with a passion, and 3. twitter, in order to be in and of web 2.0 like and for their students. Check out the article that I posted on facebook about pencils being dangerous! I'll try to send you the link. I'm using Blackboard as the platform in the computer lab. My students are so excited because this week I'm using IMing in my lesson plan. That's right. I'm using to teach keyboarding skills but I'll also make sure that they are up on IMing lingo, to!

  3. So you changed your focus this year? Sounds great-- real opportunity to be creative! This blog is just at the fledgling stage and I am setting this up for a class I have to teach in the MLS program. It will be a mix of beginners, digital natives, and digital migrants. So, I have to start at the beginning. Your comments are so poignant for this! This was yhour walk down memory lane! Fee free to post any cool example. I haven't really publicized this yet. I'm happy for your contributions!