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Please email me if you are looking for a Keynote speaker; PD delivery on Inquiry-based learning; Instruction for higher-level thought; or teaching to Millennial-GenY-GenZ-NextGen students.  

I am happy to connect via webinar or come visit in-person! 
My goal is...Delivering understanding to your school faculty, area librarians, and-or conference attendees.
References and fees are available upon request. 

2016 - 2018 were busy years with speaking engagements and PD delivery at conferences and schools across the country. Ohio, Michigan, Florida (FAME), Nebraska, Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, Kansas, California and Connecticut are just a few of the states in which I keynoted conferences; delivered hands-on engaging Professional Development; or delivered pre-conference sessions on Inquiry-based learning. In addition, I spoke at two Scholastic Reading Summits  and delivered numerous national webinars for organizations such as EdWeb; Rutgers University; InfOhio; and School Library Connection. 

References available upon request-- Or, ask your friends!   

Typical topics for Keynoting or Professional Development include: 

  • New Library Standards and my instruction... where should I begin?! 
  • Teaching and Reaching the NextGen Student
  • Let's Get Them THINKing! (Tricks and Techniques for higher level thought)
  • Reading as a Springboard to INQUIRY!  (Fostering Inquiry in your classroom, library, research, school, curriculum and more) 
  • Incubating Inquiry - the basics and/or beyond
  • Integrating Technology for Higher-Level thought 
  • Reaching Into the Curriculum via Reading and Research  
  • Questioning is my SUPERPOWER...What's your's? 

  • January 8 - Lake George - Inquiry and the New C3 Standards 
  • January 15 - DCMO BOCES, Norwich NY - Repackaging Research for New Standards 
  • January 16 - ONC BOCES, Oneonta, NY - Repackaging Research for New Standards 
  • January 13 - AASL Webinar - Get Thinking!  See online archive for AASL members 
  • January 20 - Booklist Webinar, Scholastic Sponsorship - See archive online @ ALA 
  • January 28 - Fishkill Hyatt - (4 BOCES School Library Systems Sponsoring)  Repackaging Research for New Standards 
  • February 15th - March 15th - AASL Online Course - eCollab:  Common Core- Calm, Cool, and Collected - Parts 1 and II. 
  • April 19-21st - MASL - Missouri Association of School Librarians Conference Keynote  Happy to join colleagues in Missouri talking about making your noise count...Lead Out Loud! 
  • April 30th: LibraryLink New Jersey: Digital Tools to Use for Higher Level Thought!
  • May 1st: NYLA SSL Conference @ Tarrytown - Questioning's My Superpower--What's Yours?  (EQ's, TDQ's, Compelling Questions, Guiding Questions and more! Learn how to leverage questioning to help kids THINK) 
  • June 8, Northern NY Educator's Conference, Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands - Keynote
  • June 16-18: Inquiry Research - Ojai, CA, Thatcher School Conference
  • Summer - Open for Booking PD Conferences
  • August 18,19: HFM BOCES - Librarians and Teachers Inquiry Basics & Beyond
  • August 25: Newcomb Central - Introduction to Inquiry
  • September: Clark County, NV - Repackaging Research
  • October 20: Panelist SLJ Webinar on Digital Learning 
  • October 21: Inquiry and New Standards - Southern Tier School Library System 
  • October 25-26: Connecticut CASL-CECA Conference Featured speaker
  • October 29: Webinar Facilitator, Edweb, School Library Connection 
  • November - AASL Pre-Conference Day Columbus, Ohio - Get Thinking! - Transforming your library into a Think Tank! Co-presented with Mary Ratzer 
  • November 16: Champlain Valley Educational Services - Introduction to Inquiry
  • December 9: EdWeb Webinar - 12 Innovative Reading Ideas, Sponsored by School Library Connection magazine

  • March 8-10: New England Association of School Librarians, & Massachusetts Association of School librarians conference.  Hyannis, MA - Pre-conference workshop-Nonfiction Matters!  Come join us! 
  • March 14th:  Repackaging Research for the Common Core - Oneonta, BOCES
  • March 21st: Johnsburg CSD - Common Core in the Classroom & Innovative Assessment
  • April - AASL  Webinar online Building Brains@ Your Library- See AASL site for archive.  
  • May - AASL Webinar:  Repackaging Research for the Common Core - See AASL website for archive.
  • April 24:  Expect More - NYLA SSL Conference, Syracuse, NY.  
  • August 4-6th:  NYS Librarian Leadership Conference @ Cornell: Common Core Connections:Understand CCS and Take a Leadership Role!
  • August 2014 - InfOHIO Webinar, PD - Repackaging Research 
  • August 12:  Franklin Essex BOCES - Embracing the Common Core in the Classroom 
  • August 28: Glens Falls City Schools: Common Core, Close Reading, Text Dependent Questions, and More- What's all this about? 
  • September 3: Lake George Schools - Repackaging Research for the Common Core
  • September 28th: Gick Road Conference Center - PBL for PTech Teachers
  • October 2-4:  Washington State Association of School Librarians:  Keynote, Pre-conference PD day, and a breakout session.  A Not-So-Common Approach to the Common Core: Creativity, Close Reading, and Research.  Let's weave together understanding.  
  • October 24: Repackaging Research for the Common Core, Franklin Essex BOCES
  • November: Virginia Association of School Librarians, Roanoke, VA.  Keynote Speaker VASL:  Raising Heart Healthy Students! 
  • November 14th - Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES - Repackaging Research
  • December 9th - Repackaging Research 
  • December 10th - Nassau BOCES - Repackaging Research
  • December:12th ES BOCES Professional Development:  Repackaging Research 
  • December 11th: WS BOCES Professional Development: Repackaging Research for the Hyperconnected!
  • EdWeb - Webinar - Turn Your Library Into a Think Tank Today! see  sponsored by LMC

  • January -  ELA Digging Deeper into the Common Core - Gick Road Conference Center, Regents week.  Contact the SLS 
  • January 5: Putnam Nothern Westchester Teacher's Center: Digging Deeper in the Common Core
  • January 24: LMC Webinar - Data Mining and Digital Footprints: What you don't know, can hurt you.  
  • February:  AASL  eCollaborate: Moving to Calm Cool and Collected with the Common Core. 
  • March 8: HFCSD Embracing the Shifts - Vulcanizing Vocabulary & Close Reading 
  • March 15:  Empire State College Conference on 3-T's - Refining "Meta-literacy" Transliteracy and Reaching the Hyper-connected Students
  • March 20: WSWHE BOCES - Embracing the Shifts - Vocabulary, Close Reading, and Repackaging Content for the Common Core 
  • April NYLA - SSL  Conference, Rochester, NY:  Common Core and Complex Text...making it easy. 
  • July 31st Arkansas School Librarians Association Conference, Little Rock - Empowering Learners with the Common Core
  • August 1st: Lexington, Kentucky - Building Blocks to Leadership with the CCSS.
  • August:  NYLA SSL  Leadership Conference: Using Building Blocks of the Common Core to Become a Building Leader - 2 days @ Cornell University 
  • Sept 27th - NYLA, Buffalo NY: Teens, Intelligence, Hyper-connection and Empowerment 
  • 2013 AASL Conference, Hartford, CT   2 sessions: (1) Raising eReaders--Rising above reluctancy & (2) Repackaging Research for the Common Core
  • Oct 2-5: TASL  Tennessee Association of School Librarians(I am excited to join our colleagues "in person" at their conference, after meeting virtually!) 
  • October 29th:  Information, Technology and the Common Core- Gick Road Conference Facility 
  • October 25th: Columbia, South Carolina - CCSS and the Librarian Leader
  • November: 2013 AASL Conference, Hartford, CT   2 sessions: Repackaging Research for the Common Core;    Raising eReaders--Rising above reluctancy
  • November 22nd - Gick Road Conference Facility - Research to Build and Present Knowledge 
  • January 20th: Technology, Information & CCSS Lesson Plan Design - co-presented with RTTT coordinator, Steve Danna and Mary Ratzer, Learning Curves inc.
  • January 30th: Rich Text, Reading and the CCSS, BOCES Gick Road.
  • February 8th: Stillwater Central Schools, Elementary PD - CCSS & Information.
  • March 7th: Minerva Central Schools: - SEcondary PD  CCSS & Inquiry Based Learning
  • Marth 14th: Maple Avenue Middle School - PD, Inquiry Based Instruction & the CCSS
  • March 21st: Waterford Halfmoon Central Schools- Inquiry Based Lessons and the CCSS
  • March 30th: Capital Area School Development ASsociation (CASDA):  Rich Text Instruction and the library, also, Newspapers, Print and Inquiry Based Instruction 
  • May 10:  New York Library Association - SSL Conference, Binghamton  To eRead or Not to eRead 
  • June 6:  AASL eCollaborate Webinar: Common Core Carpe Diem!  What every librarian should know about the CCSS.  Now is the time for information integration! 
  • August 2012:  AASL Webinar Common Core: Moving from Complex to Calm, Cool, and Collected  
  • October 17th:  Recipe for the Common Core -- What does it take to fold the 'shifts' together to cook up an instructional masterpiece?
  • November  10:  NYLA  Presentation - Digital Footprints--How big and do they stink?  Data Mining and digital profiling...what every librarian should know!  Beware....(This session also spotlights our pilot HS program we've launched to empower HS students to build a positive digital footprint) 
  • November 17 &  December 1st:  Westchester-Putnam Teacher's Center- Digging Deeper into the Common Core 
  • December 6th - A Sneak Peek at the NYSED "exemplars" for ELA - Gick Road conference center 2:00 - 4:00 

  • November 3rd - NYLA, Saratoga Springs NY:  Transliteracy - New Library Lingo: what this means for your patrons
  • October 28th - AASL 2011:  Statewide School Library Evaluation Instrument Experience       Date: Friday, October 28, 2011   Time: 08:00 AM - 09:15 AM
  • October 13th - EBooks the New Normal - SLJ  EBook Summit - Webinar
  • October 12th - Information Infusion , Collaboration and Common Core Alignment   Bolton Landing Central Schools PD Day:  Repackaging Research for the 21st Century Learner: Come with content, leave with a lesson plan.  This session will focus on why content needs to be changed to reach the Millennial learners. 
  • October 21st  - Information Infusion , Collaboration and Common Core Alignment Galway Central PD Day:   CCSS Gap Analysis and Lesson Design - Building a  Lesson to deliver new CCS Content 
  • September 26th:  APPR, Assessment and the Library  WSWHE  BOCES  Librarian Network Meeting
  • August: NYLA SLMS  Leadership Conference, Cornell University.    Assessment, APPR and the Common Core: What this means for NYS Librarians.  Co-presented with Barbara Stripling. 
  • April 29, 2011  Instructional Connections: Techniques and Tools for Teaching Information Literacy Nassau County Library Association, Academic and Special Library Division, C.W. Post Campus Transliteracy and what you need to know for the Hyperconnected Generation The Generation Y's or Millennials, are the most hyper-connected generation to walk the planet. Many of the skills they need to navigate their hyperconnectedness are embraced by the term: Transliteracy. Come and hear what research says about the iBrain and how transliteracy has evolved as a buzzword to wrap our heads around the needs of the hyperconnected
  • April 7th: Datapalooza Conference:  Innovative Assessment in the Classroom
  • April 1st: Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) Building a Backbone of Essential Data
  • November 8thSchool Administrator Association of New York (SAANYS)  Saratoga Springs, NY: Gen Y Students = Gen Y Classrooms 
  • October 8th, Keynote Speaker:  Hudson Valley Inquiry Forum: InquiryRX for Change