Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 New Bulletin Board Ideas!

Here are a few more bulletin board ideas for the start of school! Send me a photo if you've used any of the ideas on this blog and I'll be glad to post them! 

  1. Wall of Shame - A Character Building Adventure
    Give your students a lesson on finding news articles and have them contribute to a wall of shame.  Keywords can be "crime, arrest, teens, plagiarism, cheating, etc"  Spot-check a few of the keywords to insure that the scandelous articles which are returned are not X-rated.  Here's an article to jump-start the conversation: http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/crime/2014/08/13/milkis-packard-antique-theft-larceny/13993521/  (What was he thinking?!) ---- 
    Believe it or not, some kids don't believe they'll get "caught."  And, some students dont' believe something is wrong unless they are caught. ----You can even post a Bill of Rights and ask the students to synthesize whether any of these articles relate to the Bill of Rights.
  2. Wall of Fame - This needs to be placed Juxtapose to the Wall of Shame to spotlight the two ends of the spectrum.   An essential question such as, "Which wall do you want to end up on?"  will bring the message home.
  3. Rich Words to Impress Your Friends - Have students contribute vocabulary words from books that they have read.  Don't leave all the work for yourself.  When you ask for student contributions, they "own" the space and it validates their learning process.
  4. Read Around the World - Place a world map up on the bulletin board and ask students to "Pin" where the setting of their book is.  Tell them that you'd like to get "around the world in 80 days" or some goal such as that.
  5. What'z Happenin? - Place a world map up and ask students to post headlines from around the world.  Once again, this builds a 21st Century frame of reference and places perspective on their community. Once again the Bill of Rights may prove to be a good "conversation piece" in discussing world news.  Would this be happening in the USA?     
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The movement for bulletin boards is to embrace "interactivity." Don't just post something that is "readable," but rather design a display that requires participation. Pick a theme and see whether your students can participate. 


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