Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Half-dozen Bulletin Board Ideas!

Good bye to the old paradigm of bulletin board being a "content delivery" system. By adding an interactive element, expecting students to contribute to the postings, you are transferring ownership to the students.  They begin to see the space as a place for contribute.  Here we are again starting another school year, with interactive bulletin board ideas for you!

Carpe Diem! - Seize the opportunity to give your students a voice on a bulletin board.

1. CAUTION!  At your local hardware store purchase a roll of yellow CAUTION tape and use it to surround your bulletin board as trim. Provide a center yellow paper template stating "CAUTION! These books will keep you awake at night!"  Ask students to contribute book covers for captivating page-turners.  I remember one at-risk student sharing that when he read the book, DUNK, (David Lubar) "It was so good and hilarious that I'd rather read than watch TV."  I hadn't read DUNK at the time, but took mental note that it must be a winner!  

2. Global Connections: Flat-world? Place hints on the board, and ask the students to figure out where this place is. The questions should or could, come from the news and cause the students to: identify keywords for correct searching skills, or increase their global exposure. A world map from National Geographic would provide a good background.

  • Bujumbura is the capital of this impoverished nation. How can they crawl out from poverty?
  • This nation is below sea level.... 
  • Tell me about the city of Chittagong. How could we help them? 
  • Timbuktu is a real city located at what longitude and latitude
  • Where do the Hutu's live? 
  • This country's currency is a Baht. How many would you need to purchase a $10.00 (US Dollar) toy? 
  • Etc. - Or, ask the students to create questions for others!
3. WONDER WALL  - What are you wondering about?  Allow students to post their random questions and then teach them to find answers.  When the bulletin board gets full, you can teach a lesson on "investigating" or finding answers, keyword searching and more. 

4. Life's a Puzzle -- Using a colorful puzzle, ask the kids to complete the puzzle on the bulletin board, by gluing pieces in place when they find one to fit.  Every week include a puzzle-riddle near the board that they can contemplate as they look for pieces to fit. 

5. WANTED a Few Good Readers!  Have students  suggest titles and create Wanted Posters with book covers. Hang them on the bulletin board. Wanted a reader who [fill in the blank]!  Ex.  Wanted: A reader who likes to read murder mysteries and who wants to figure out who killed the mother!" "Wanted: Readers to learn about paranormal probabilities!"  "Wanted - someone to help me find another book this good!

6: Notable Quotable! Cut out some speech bubbles from copied black line masters such as those pictured below. Ask the students to find a great quote within their books.  For instance, I just finished reading, The Silent Boy, (pre-publication to be released Oct 2015...a page-turner-murder-mystery). While I'm reading, I always stop and note a good quote or two that I stumble upon.  In The Silent Boy, the main character comments, "Facts are solid things. You can trust them, unlike people."  These quotes can arose curiosity in readers and be a platform for discussion and discovery. 
In case you've missed previous ideas!...  

Good luck and feel free to post some pictures, of your creation! 

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