Monday, June 22, 2009

Common Core Knowledge Products

Here's a Crazy Talk video clip created by a secondary student who did his homework. This exemplifies how you can turn information into knowledge-analysis and synthesis. The compelling curriculum content for this could be....Imperialism? Movers and Shakers? Biographies? Colonists?

This knowledge product displays an understanding of TR, who he was, his impact, and a compare and contrast analysis. It wasn't just a venture for facts.

We have seen this product used for animals at the elementary level. The animals talk to America today about their habitat, difficulties, and challenges in life. Biography units could be transformed into advice for teenagers: What would your person say to teens today?

This blog post was originally posted in 2009, but is more relevant now that every educator is being challenged by the Common Core Standards to create engaging research units that require kids to think, analyze, quote, draw upon evidence, argue, synthesize, and create knowledge products that are proof that they have embraced the vocabulary of the discipline and seen the relevance of the content to their lives. 

The applications are endless!

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