Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yo better look at Yolink!

Yo better get familiar with this new toolbar, if you want to be ahead of your students!

Go, YoLink ! This is the next-best thing since Google. Infact, it is so good that I'm surprised Google hadn't invented it. This toolbar enables the user (students in our case) to narrow their search very quickly. We know students don't always gravitate to the databases, and so it is necessary to at least teach them to use the Internet responsibly for information. This tool enables the search hits to be searched even deeper, and will eliminate pages that do not have your "narrower" keyword within them.
The Yolink searches the hit list and provides a little "annotation" on the side, so you don't have tohyperlink into the result to see if its relevant.

It could be used for the following:
  • Looking for a quote within a book.
  • Looking for an item on Craig's List (not the students there...)
  • Looking for hyperlinks with related information (yes, it will search deep within the hyperlinks)
  • Saving and storing searches for future use-- It has a sign in feature where they pages, links, and articles can be archived.
  • Narrowing the results within EBSCO and other databases.
  • "search links:On a webpage with a lot of links? Enter keywords into the yobox and click on search links. Looking at Google results? Just click search links and watch the magic happen." So they say....

“I think this is a fabulous tool. It's showing students how to do research with keywords, most don't understand the concept. It teaches you how to search.” -High School Librarian

Individual download site:
School-wide Dowloand site:

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  1. Thanks Paige, you feedback is very motivating. I wanted to let you know that yolink's new version 3.0 has raised the bar even higher. We now have a Google docs and Diigo integration to usher in the new 'find' age. Again, its a free download at :

    Would love to know what you think about our new version.