Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GoodBye B & W...Goodbye 2 Dimensional Reading... Goodbye Control

When I was a kid, back in the Neolithic Age,  TV was B & W.  That was only yesterday--it seems.  Yesterday, reading too was black and white, predictable, 2 dimensional, top-down, left-right and embellished with pictures if you were lucky. 

Just as television turned to color, so did the 5 color print process invade publishing and our world was a more exciting place to learn.  What we have experienced over the last ten years is a parallel evolution of print resources from paper --> electronic text and a metamorphosis of content.  It is more exciting to learn on the Internet, but we educators have abdicated control of reading in the process.  Reading is no longer: predictable, 2 dimensional, or even controllable.   Study the photos below, as a picture is worth a thousand words:

As educators, we need to infuse our instruction with web evaluation whenever possible.  Now more than ever do we need to train our students to read critically, evaluate content, detect bias, evaluate credibility and find meaning.  Otherwise we are embarking on assignments that mirror hide 'n seek --on the Internet. 
Here we go ready or not.
Here's a link to a great article from ASCD on creating real readers: http://tinyurl.com/yjvd57h

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