Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yahoo Conduit for Images Better than Google?

Well, thanks to professional Gary Price from we have a suggestion to check out Yahoo's image search because it is more convenient and easy than some of its competitors.  How true I found his advice.  When I posted about Google's new narrowing search ability, what I did not know was that it was in Beta format and will disappear without warning.  
As pictured below, Yahoo has a convenient, easy to use image search that allows for public domain (or "creative commons") photos to be searched without having to link to advanced search features.  Please check this out at Gary's suggestion -- which was a blog comment-- thank you Gary.  We are all in this business together and this is just one example of our own PLC!
When Yahoo, Google, and other engines search for creative common images, they are searching Wikimedia, Flickr, Creative Commons and other archives for us.  This is one-stop shopping.  We no longer to drive the Internet superhighway and stop at all the stores--unless of course you prefer the specialty shoppes. 

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