Thursday, September 29, 2011

Algorithmic Censorship--Beware of Filter Bubbles:

It's not often that a teen  tells  their parent that they are correct about something. So, this morning  when I received a posting from our son that said, "Hey Mom - This is what you were talking about," I was excited.  He sent me a link to a disturbing TED video.   I found it interesting that a millennial cares  about  the message of this video, and was concerned that his access to a cross section of material is actually biased. 

This is another reason students should use databases over Google for research.  If we are now receiving search results catered to our previous search history, then the results will be aligned with our own personal world view.  We might personally like that for ourselves, but we should admit for educational purposes, our research world should be unbiased. 

As information professionals, and teachers using information to create common core aligned lessons, please take 9 minutes to watch this video.  Your knowledge of "filter bubbles" data mining, and biased results on search engines will be beneficial in teaching today's youth--tomorrow's leaders.   A part of me is outraged that for the love of money, we are now subtly, or subversively censored.  How could a corrupt government use this to change minds?   Hitler and Stalin would have a heyday.  China might actually open up their search engines after all-- they could now control the mindset.


  1. interesting video...good to share with students. the editor of this website could have ended their informational text above the video after the second need to spread fear and conspiracy theory(as in the third paragraph). yes, money is the bottom line for facebook, google and others. algorithmic programming help make companies rich. technology helps make people and corporations rich, always the printing press helped newspapers, etc. Let's keep the discussion less reactionary, more educationally focused.

  2. To think that the educational content put forth in this nation is not being controlled is to be in denial.