Sunday, January 29, 2012

Information Architecture--express yourself!

A new term has arisen for Infographics-- Information Architecture--data visualized.   To capture and summarize the meaning of a bundle of information in visual form is truly an artform requiring higher level thought.  This helps our heavily visual generation understand and remember details of data more readily.   

Infographics have been around since sliced bread, but was brought into the spotlight during the summer of  2010  when the New York Times journalists ran a summer blog for their education following.   Infographics actually is  a higher order thinking activity that translates deep meaning of information into a picture representation.  Be sure to check out those NY Times resources above.  They are wonderful.

Data Visualization, information digestion, information architecture... either way, I like it. Students like it.  Why not turn your assignment knowledge product into an Infographic challenge?  
  • Create an infographic depicting the impact of a man-made disaster.
  • Create an infographic on the Civil War.
  • Create an infographic on the benefits of solar power. 
  • Extrapolate data from the NFL website and depict five ratios you found. 
  • Convince me, via an Infographic, to watch what I eat .
  • Defend your position on ___________ via an Infographic. 
 If you look at the Common Core verbs below, you can spot many instructional verbs from the CCSS which would be embraced by research project ending in an infographic:
Analyze - think analytically
Address a Question
Solve a problem
Conduct a short research projects
Conduct sustained research projects
Students generate questions
Explore a topic
Draw evidence from texts
Support analysis
Research and reflection
Gather information from print and digital sources
Assess the credibility and accuracy of sources
Integrate information avoiding plagiarism
Produce and publish writing
Interact and collaborate
Write arguments to support claims
Formulate an argument
Prepare and participate effectively in conversations.
Build and express persuasively
Express information and enhance
For the ipad, there's a free APP in the app store called 'Infographics' by Column Five and is keyword searchable.  A company that makes infographics professionally, places them out there for use.  Wonderful.  We like free. 
Or,  use their Visualized Data at their website; 
Displayed on smartboard, students can picture what their knowledge products should look like.

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