Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow  Listen to Seth Godin challenge everyone to examine whether we are racing to the top or racing to the bottom.  As I listened to this award-winning idea guru, I couldn't help thinking that educators were like this.  Either we are racing to the top, teaching via an innovative, technology-rich, Bloom's higher level thought method--or we are racing to the bottom teaching to the test. 
CCSS are asking us to foster creativity and inspire lifelong learning in our students.  What a great idea to transfer to our classroom:  Encourage students to be risk-takers, innovators, believe in a great idea and create.  

I did not agree  with everything Seth Godin  espoused-- if everyone walked to his own drummer we'd have a nation of occupiers and an atmosphere of entropy.  But, we could also promote a little innovation in the classroom and life.     Forget RTTB and trying to just be "efficient" -- Incubate a novel idea today with your students! 

Link here for the video.  (It was here but made the page load slowly, so this was removed.)

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