Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Every Teacher Should "See" in the CCSS

After close examination of the Common Core Standards for ELA, I cannot help but notice that research plays a quantifiable role in how the crafters expected teachers to deliver their content.  We educators hear a tremendous amount about "drawing evidence from the text" and "close reading,"  but why are we not hearing as much about "research both short and sustained projects?"   Why are we not ringing the "conduct short and sustained research projects" ourselves?  

Perhaps teachers are so busy examining the trees that they haven't viewed the forest.  The big picture says: "Insure you have packaged your content in a captivating, 21st Century technology-infused, information integrated, essential question-driven, CCSS package.  

Visit your librarian today and plan a unit for tomorrow.  What question can you ask, that compels students to:
    • examine
    • ask questions
    • research
    • read
    • conclude
    • cite evidence
    • solve a problem, and
    • present their knowledge  

These statistics were quantified using the IE "binocular search" tool with the ELA standards.  
Import the statistics into Excel and graph. 
For those unfamiliar with this tool, here's a snippet:


  1. Great Post! Would like to share with admin at school. Would like to share too how you massed info for creating infographics. Tks in advance!
    Deb Schiano

    1. These verbs were quantified using the binocular search tool on Internet Explorer. I know some people think IE is dying, but I will miss this little tool I have used frequently.