Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 Tools to Empower the Common Core

I love to shovel snow on a peaceful morning when there's only a few inches.  The silence is golden, the beauty is unsurpassed, and the finished job is rewarding.  However, when the wicked Nor'easter dumps a foot or more...I choose the snow-blower.
That's how I feel about tools for the Common Core.  In a perfect world, where you could pick all the content, the perfect students, and had all the time in the world, we might write with calligraphy pens, read captivating classics and saunter down the road of learning.  The truth is we have limited time, huge loads dumped on our plate, challenged learners, and students with little attention span.   That is why we need technology, power tools, power verbs, and information resources to infuse energy into the Common Core.  The Common Core without information, Inquiry, and technology is deadly. 
It is the information, technology, collaboration, Inquiry learning tasks, which will excite these pedagogy recommendations from the Common Core.  Try some of the tools below and see whether they make your demandind job more exciting:



    CCSS Verb   (fee based)

    To understand vocabulary of the discipline (SHIFT) – We call these “cool words” that will make you sound smart

    Finding research searching synonyms

    Writing tool

    Comprehend, analysis, explore, f




     (also from Visual

    Upload a text and this tool will analyze it for SAT words, math words, science words, and a teacher can customize a word list (SHIFT)

    Differentiated instruction

    Analyze, think critically, explore a topic,


    ‘Knowledge product” tool –alternative to ‘tired’ Powerpoint presentations. 

    Summarizing tool for data

    Express persuasively


    Draw evidence from the text

    Support analysis

    Produce and publish writing

    Gather information

    Formulate an argument

    Visually represent data

    Enhance understanding

    Show a movie clip and get ready for online, collaborative discussion!  AASL suggested best site for teaching and learning

    analyze – think critically
    address a question
    solve a problem
    conduct research
    explore a topic
    Students generate questions
    Solve a problem

    No fee, site for online comment. Post a photo and ask a compelling question.  Use this for assessment, lesson hook,

    Interact and collaborate

    Generate questions

    Debate, brainstorm, virtual classroom discussion,

     This great new site is a mashable of GoogleEarth and Pinterest.  Immediately I saw the value in connecting to real world problems, history to happenings and engagement.  A must try.



    Explore a topic

    Document with evidence,

    Create and share knowledge


    Online News Scooper – this tool aggregates ‘news’ from around the web, based upon keywords –

    Not only can this be used for ‘getting’ information, but this could be a way of assessing whether a student understands what is credible, accurate, reliable and supported (CARS)

    Explore a topic



    Gather information from online sources

    Assess the credibility and accuracy

    Prepare to participate in conversations
 See the AASL Best WEbsites for teaching and learning for additional recommendations.  They have new and tried-and-true tools for your delivery.   Stand and deliver is dead.   Long live Information Infusion imbedded into technology in order to achieve, understand and succeed in a 21st Century environment.  

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