Friday, October 26, 2012

Instant Relevance for the Common Core--Movie Clips Gold Mine!

We are teaching a visually dominate, transliterate generation that would rather "hear" information than read it.  That is why technology serves their hyper-connection needs to provide engagement in your curriculum content. BUT -- technology without a purpose is almost useless.   

I was excited to stumble upon this wonderful visual movie fodder for "hooking" our students into curriculum content.  What a gold mine of "purpose!"   With the Common Core requiring educators to infuse "relevance" into our curriculum, this site will help to connect the transliterate learner to the content.  Once they are hooked, then the teachers will have an easier time getting them to dig deeper, research, investigate, discuss  debate, research to support their position and more.  

I love this clip below from  The Emperors Club.  We watched this movie last week because it was filmed locally (at the Emma Willard School and  Caumsette State Park... for all you New Yorker's...).  When Professor Hundert poses an essential question at the beginning of the film, I thought, "How poignant for a biography unit!"   You could pose this same essential question as he does, and instantly infuse CC relevance into your unit.  

Thanks to this site, we don't have to carefully craft "fair use" clips from movies to inspire our students to think. has done this for us and even indexed them by topic.   Thank you!

Essential Questions for Common Core biography units:

  • What legacy did this person leave?   What legacy will you leave? 
  • How would history have been impacted, if this person did not walk the earth? 
  • Conquest without contribution is worthless.   What did your person contribute to the world that made the world a better place?  Or, for notoriety-- How did you person ruin the lives of his countrymen or negatively impact the world? 
  •  How will reading this book and studying this person help you become wiser, smarter, happier, richer or more successful?  

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