Friday, September 6, 2013

Are You Up to CCSS Snuff?

Not very long ago, 'snuff" was not only accepted, but it was also "fashionable."*  Nicotine and soft drinks were laced with opiates and everyone was having a grand time...if they had money.  If you were really something, you were "up to snuff."   

Today in education, it is impressive if we know  how to compel our students to dig deeply, investigate, read, discover, conclude, discuss, debate, and more.  However, most educators aren't really up to snuff, yet. Some even are say it's damaging material and there should be laws against this...invasion of my classroom. 

The three links below provide self-assessment tools for measuring how well you have crafted a CCSS-aligned lesson.  Everyone is in the literacy business.  Use these "evidence guides" as toosl to improve the rigor and focus of your lessons. Please keep in mind that you do NOT have to hit all shifts and bullets in one lesson.
Lesson Evidence K-2                   Lesson Evidence 3-5              Lesson Evidence 6-12   

As I examined these three documents, which NYS is using, I discovered you could generalize this to the following checklist:

Your lessons should demonstrate student-centered activities where kids are manipulating information, answering text-based questions, digesting rigorous passages, vocabulary, and more.  If I were not in administration myself, I would love the opportunity to demonstrate how effectively I could support student achievement.  This is a time to shine!  


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