Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Internet @ 25: Prime of its' life or problems brewing?

The Internet is arguably about the most revolutionary tool invented (or which has evolved) in our lifetime.  At 25,  humans are no longer a fledgling, but ready to fly.  Is the Internet ready to fly?  Or, we know it? 

Your students could examine the Infographic below, and use the essential questions to conduct a short term research assignment and build an evidence-based-claim.    The CCSS challenges instruction to spawn thinkers.  What better opportunity do we have than examining the information beast that our Millennials love? They might be surprised to find out people like me spent $3000.00  in 1980's  to purchase an IBM  XT with a 10 MG hard drive (which was not even connected to the Internet yet).  That's less than 30% of a flash drive which sells for about $20.00 now, and we carry that in our pocket.  

Essential Questions such as:

  • Will you define the Internet, or be defined by it? 
  • How has the Internet changed our society for the good or bad? 
  • How will the future be impacted by further development of the Internet? 
  • Is the Internet our friend or foe?  
will help your students think critically about a tool they use ubiquitously.  

Carpe Diem! -- Let us think! 

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