Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reading: The Past, Present & Future

Last week at a state meeting of curriculum gurus, I presented on eBooks.  To us, eBooks are old news, but these people are sitting with so much on their plate that and it is one more item they have had no time to figure out.  We look at this through library eyes.  They look at this through "textbook" eyes.  They know there has to be a textbook solution, but don't know what it is.  We've been waiting in the wings, wishing they'd ask us because when we cry from the rooftops and send emails, their ears are filled with other problems. The tipping point is here. People are ready to listen.
I chose to frame the ebook conversation speaking of: the past, present and future.  

Most of use have seen this video of medieval monks figuring out the "book." Very funny as we can all relate to something new which we can't wrap our head around.  Many teachers fall in this camp and need to be reminded that technology does not move backwards.   

If they complain about eBooks, show them this link at www.SpritzInc.com and they should be duly scared.  (Be sure to click in the window to see reading at 250+ WPM) 

See your librarian for present choices. Why? 
  • Kids are connected 
  • Devices are prolific and multiplying like bunny rabbits in Spring. 
  • Titles are engaging 
  • You don't have to carry a heavy load on your back 
  • It justifies those "testing devices" to be used for something other than "assessment" 
  • We need to keep current 
  • You can search by keyword and don't have to find the page -- it comes to you! 
  • You can read at night without a light on...your devices light it up  
The moral of the story for administrators was that we already have eBooks. They need to find out what is currently available.  

If your district is contemplating eBooks for eTextbooks, likely they are talking to the same textbook vendors without considering these innovative options: 
Overdrive for Fiction  

These provide a look into textbook alternatives.  These are options to consider. We are not talking flat PDF's or home-grown uploaded papers.  We're talking interactivity and more.  Wrap your read around eBooks and eTextbooks today.  Be ready with the answers.  Provide solutions.  Be part of the change.

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