Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Does Your Ancient Greece Need a ...FACELIFT?

I just responded to an email regarding "repackaging" their Ancient Greece unit.  Since this subject matter is so universal, I thought I'd share my response to others may consider a facelift for Ancient Greece.   
  • With new C3 (College Career and Civic life) Social Studies Standards, we are encouraged to find "authentic connections" and find "real world problems" to relate content to.  
  • With the CCSS, we are encouraged to embrace "research to build and present knowledge" as an Anchor Standard."  - Therefore, we are encouraged to package content via a research learning adventure. 
  • Research can be viewed as a large or small "evidence-based claim." 
With that in mind, what if we repackage our Ancient Greece unit into an EBC with an
Essential Question:      
How has the Ancient Greece survived, even though it has died? 

Examine the Ancient Culture under the SS lenses: 
  • Government - Democracy 
  • Culture, 
  • Values (education, arts, etc..) 
  • Beliefs - (myths) 
If you guide kids by giving them those SS "lenses"  (now called SS 'practices' ) they should examine the past to understand it and hopefully discover that a Ancient Greece had lasting influence on our current culture. 

They could-should - build and EBC (evidence-based claim) to support their findings.  This research could be coupled with a more student-centered knowledge sharing expo such as creating a "living museum" of Ancient Greek influence.   This could include Nike Pegasus Sneakers, Midas Muffler adds, a democracy model, Outdoor Market, statues, etc... etc.    
This example "synthesizes"  the content and is real-life.  

Examine your local learning objectives and insure that your graphic organizer may cover all the "lenses" through which you want students to examine Ancient Greece.  

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