Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Think Tank Library - AASL Webinar follow-up

Thanks to all of you who attended our AASL webinar:  Get Thinking!  
(We realize that many got closed out as the virtual room was "full."  The archive will be posted soon.)

EQ:  How will you get your students thinking today?  

It was great to share ideas for elevating thought during library time, research, and collaborative learning adventures!  As promised, here is the 20% off ordering code to be used when ordering a copy of our Think Tank Library: Q41320. 
Available @ ABC Clio  

The K-5 level book was released in December, and the 6-12 level book will be released imminently.  Please email us at thinktanklibrary@yahoo.com with any questions for "repackaging" your lessons to include higher level thought and real world issues.  We'd love to dialogue and brainstorm with you. 

After the webinar, I realized I never advanced the slides to the credits and wanted to include this slide below to insure that librarians Sara Kelly John, Sue Kowalski, and Rebecca Burkett get credit for some of their great photos!  (I'm not sure whether the recorded archive will pick up the last 2 slides that were there but not advanced.) 

Thanks to all and I look forward to our continuing conversation! 

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  1. Great session today! Just wondering where to purchase the book to receive the 20% discount. Thanks!