Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Top 100 Learning Tooooools?

100?  Really?   
EQ:  How can we detect when we're on technology overload?  
          How can I assess whether we're using tools for Quality or quantity? 
          Does our IT Dept enable us to use these? 

Time for true confessions. I love technology and once upon a time, I was a tech-guru. Our program implemented Microsoft Moviemaker ten years ago.  Our students created Animotos, iMovies, Audacity MP3 files and more.  I built a library portal via Dreamweaver that had its' own domain name, and our students were info lit savvy.... all back when tech was in its fledgling status. BUT -- There was a limited number of educational tech tools then. Inquiry-based learning was just beginning to take hold, and not all our tech projects were stellar works of thought.  

Now, we have to be even more careful to embed thought, as time constraints have hit us like a parasite zapping precious planning time from our schedule. Now, we have tech in abundance, and if we're not careful we can be consumed with the upkeep of our program and state-of-the-art technology. This sometimes results in cheating the quality of our assignments when we should be requiring the kids to think and not just to report

We have a prominent UK educator, Jane Hart, to thank for her survey and list of the top 100 tech tools, of which I have listed 51 below.  As we survey this list, I would encourage you not to be consumed by them, but to eat sparingly.  Treat this like a gourmet menu where you ponder: 
  • "What can my students experience this year to enhance their education--not their toolbox." 
  • How many can they eat and not be overweight?  
  • How can we exercise their mind using a few of these?  
It's fun to consume new gourmet foods, but we have to insure that we get our exercise to work off the calories.  All that said, here's the top 51!  

2015 Top Tools - As per Jane Hart - Click here

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