Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12 Ideas to Inspire Reading!

12 Innovative Reading Ideas! New Ways to Inspire You & Your Students

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST 

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Presented by Paige Jaeger, Curriculum Consultant and Instructional Focus Editor for School Library Connection
Sponsored by Libraries Unlimited and ABC-CLIO Solutions

On Wednesday, December 9th, I'll host a free webinar via EdWeb.  This is sponsored by the Libraries Unlimited, and we invite you to join in the fun!  I  guarantee you that you'll exit with a few new ideas to incubate reading.  

HANDOUTS: (Sorry to send you elsewhere, but blogging platform doesn't allow .doc files)

These handouts were either made by me or friendly librarians who tested and tweaked some of the ideas. Thanks to Lauren Abad of Greenfield Elementary School Library, Saratoga Springs, NY who tested some lesson ideas with second graders; and thanks to Sheila McIntyre of Milton Terrace Elementary School Library who tested some lessons with 5th graders.  

Listed below are a few links referred to, but time will not permit us to go out and "play" these reading commercials, sample knowledge products, and other cute ideas to test or tweak for your students! 

Idea # 4 --"Book Bubbles" -Embedded here is a short Teddy Roosevelt example created by CrazyTalk software available from Reallusion.com which brings stationary photos to life.  This was a variation of the biography example, simply to demonstrate the software. (May this disclaimer say that it doesn't capture the "Recipe for Success" recommended in the webinar idea as a "biography knowledge product" but reflects synthesis and thought none-the-less.

Links to Reading Commercials:  Idea #13 ... A Baker's Dozen! 

Thanks to Jane Martellino, award-winning Elementary Librarian, teaching at Bethlehem Elementary School in Bethlehem, CT:  Here are the links to her wonderful reading commercials made with/by her students.  She has spearheaded a "12 Days of Reading" campaign to reduce the vacation reading slide. It looks like a big success.  Here are a few of Jane's details she shares for her "reading and book commercials"  
  • Here was another great project: fifth grade students gave up their lunch break (and rainy day recess) to create book commercials for picture books for the k-2 students. They read the book, create a short summary without giving away the ending, they grab an iPad, and using a cool app called Tellagami, they create a 30 second book commercial.   The link for their video clip is then encoded onto a qr code which is glued to the inside cover of the book. Next week, K-2 students will learn how to use the iPad app Qrafter to scan the code and listen to the commercials. Hopefully, the 5th graders were persuasive enough!  Our goal is to increase the range of books K-2 students choose from the "E" section of the library.  This project is a win-win situation for all involved. The older students are refining their skills in summarizing, fluency, appropriate use of technology, while providing a valuable service to our school community.  The images below show  what the video commercial would look like. However, to access a sampling of these commercials, either scan the QR code or click on the link! 

From Stony Evans - Great sample commercial for reading and the brain:  

Thanks Jane and Stony for sharing! 

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