Friday, November 6, 2009

AASL - session requests

We had a great time today in Charlotte @ the AASL session Marketing Information Literacy. My only wish was that we had about 30 additional minutes to flesh-out the Info Lit "slogans" that you brainstormed with some good videos to post. Here are the slogans you suggested at the end:
* Questions are cool, ask them in school.
Bias? Look for the no-spin zone
* Ethical use means no abuse

* Create- Don't regurgitate
* If you quote it, please note it!
* What were the others? We ran out of time and the video didn't capture the sound from the back rows! If you remember, please post your creations.
Some people also asked for the Information Literacy Terms bookmark. I will save this in PDF on Monday (for proper viewing) and upload that to Google Docs and shared it with "the world". Check back. One bookmark hyperlink is below. (In the previous blog posting)

A little trivia: plagiarism does come from the root "kidnap". This a great word picture for your students:

We had no time for Q & A, so if you have a question, post it here on the blog! There were also a few ideas that I did not get to share such as:
* taping small slogans to the monitors
"Is your information Valid? Credible? Accurate?"
These one-liners printed on "hot" colors ring a note of warning when the students sit down. Change the message every other week or so. Stale media is ignored.

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