Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marketing Information Literacy With Bookmarks

George Clooney bookmarks

The above hyperlink, will bring you to a .PDF on Google Docs which is available for download and printing. When this was first made, I disseminated it to our area librarians, and one astute librarian asked me to practice what I preached -- put the citation on it. So, there are two pages with the citations on the back. Students are still left to wonder-- just what did George Clooney mean? Therefore, they have incentive to find two reliable sources of information to find out if an insult was intended. Was he really insulting his colleague?

When you upload documents and work on them virtually, this is called "cloud computing". In case you have heard this terminology and are wondering just what that's all about. Is your virtual head in the clouds? If you use a wiki or a blog, that is considered a form of "cloud computing". Are you collaborating on a slide show at slide.com? Or, on Flicker? It's a form of cloud computing. It was once an insult to think your head would be in the clouds.... Now we're floating from one cloud to the other.

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