Friday, January 8, 2010

Cisco publicizes "new" mode for 21st Century Learning

Well thanks to CISCO, there's another term for Inquiry -- Education 3.0

MIT calls it Challenged Based Learning
Harvard calls it Activity Based Learning
AASL calls it Inquiry Based Learning and
Partnership for 21st Century Learning calls it PBL.

Although we seem to be fracturing the concept into many names, the concepts are all related to fostering higher level thought, deepen the learning experience, and create question-askers and life-long learners. We're all in the same game, marching toward the same goal. In the end, let's hope the students win the game.

One line particularly interesting was "technology isn't just layered on top of traditional processes. Instead, technology is woven seamlessly through all aspects of education...interconnecting all facets of school life, and truly revolutionizing the edication experience. If you're not part of the revolution, you might need to take up arms. " CISCO's mantra could sound like it was lifted right off the pages of ISTE, AASL, or somewhere else: "Education 3.0 ...creates a transformational, hands-on learning environment that help motivate students to develop the skills and knowledge they'll need in the modern world: problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, business literacy, and collaboration."

Go CISCO. Go Cybrarian -- strut your stuff and create a lifelong learning environment! Here are some one-liners for fostering collaboration:
  • Hey, I found a great new resource and I'd love to try it on a [science ] project.
  • Wow, I'd love to build a wiki for your students. They could each have a page to post great quotes they found in their reading books.
  • Can I experiment with your [class] [mythology] project using a blog?
  • How can I help you create a 21st-Century project for this topic?
  • Wow, you probably didn't notice, but these questions can all be answered by a simple question on Google. Can we brainstorm together to create some higher-level thought compelling Inquiry questions?
  • It looks like you have already designed this unit. Would you mind if I add an optional web 2.o piece for student engagement? To see if all this web 2.0 hype is true?

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