Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time for another quick look at VOICETHREAD


VOICETHREAD is an underutilized web 2.0 tool having vast applications to accompany your imagination and creativity. In the Voicethread above, I have posed a question for history homework. This simple posting would compel students to think about the relationship between the two photos and quotations. Together they paint a picture of paradox for the time period. I believe the Global History students would get it.

Homework could require them to post a comment along with making a Voicethread of their own on the same time period. A class full of Threads, would weave a tapestry of discussion as varied as the students themselves . What a wonderful way to foster understanding.

If we can get our students to the level of engagement, where they feel the assignment is "theirs" not the teachers, then you are a success. Engaging activities like this create an atmosphere of contribution. Collaboration and discussion would ensue.

Check out the "library" of educational ideas at Voicethread:
When you sign up, be sure to check the "Educator" version -- It's a better choice.

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