Monday, May 3, 2010

NY SLMS - Media Samples, as requested.

Here is a Crazy Talk example of media that can be created to embed in your library homepage. 
This giraffe example is about choosing a research topic.  Remember for an assignment to embraced as the "student's" assignment, rather than the "teacher's"  assignment, it typically should have an element of choice.   This sample is less than perfect, but shows what you can do with a little imagination.  A teacher could use this program to create homework instructions, give advice for studying, etc. 

Or, perhaps you'd like to see what was done with a little parody. Information Literacy- Cite your plagiarism allowed.

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  1. Hi Paige, Thanks for all the great info both here and at the SLMS conference on Friday. I'm totally inspired! Question: I would like to see your information literacy vocabulary sheet that you recommended using with faculty, to have a common vocabulary for IL campaigns. I was in the waaay back of the room so never got to see it. Thanks!