Monday, May 3, 2010

SLMS 2010 - Inquiry sites as requested at the GenY Students = GenY classroom breakout session

Here are a few of the great Inquiry sites that are out on the web. We have a growing number of local librarians who have embraced inquiry with gusto and are polishing their ability to transform hide 'n seek research assignments into true authentic learning experiences. Please call me, if you'd like to discuss how you too can transform your research project, into a 21st Century Model. There are great sites all over the web. These are just a few:
State Education Department-- K-4 Elementary Science Curriculum-- See Living Environment and Introduction.
Foundations -- National Science Foundation-- Inquiry -- K-5 classroom- What dos it Look Like?
Foundations-- NSF-- Inquiry Process Steps f
NCTM—Illuminations site—Math Inquiry
NASA GLOBE Project - Inquiry Snapshots

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