Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Assessment Ideas for Back-to-School lessons

So... RTTT is coming, and I understand I will be evaluated on my instructional efficacy?  Ugh.  No one likes additional tests, so this posting will challenge you to try alternate forms of assessment that are easy, quick and directly linked to student achievement.    Pre-assessment?  Why do I have to do that?  Well, duh.  If you haven't determined what they do or do not know, how can you proved you taught them anything at all?   Thus the need for pre and post assessment.   The following web 2.0 tools offer a quick way to capture data on the incoming and outgoing student:
* Wall Wisher - Virtual Sticky notes! (Ask your EQ on the way in.  Can students answer a vital question?  Have 2 questions ready for posting.   Ask the same question after instruction and see the notes learned.  Archive the site. Print for portfolio or sample report to administrators. 
* Polleverywhere.com (Use cell phones for covert assessment....Shhh--Don't tell anyone you are using contraband in the school.) 
A non-Web 2.0 tool that is effective is to use "butcher paper" frequently.  Catch the students on the way in the door, and ask them to write the answer to your EQ on the way in.  Chances are that they do not know it.  Or, their understanding is slightly flawed.   After instruction, give them a different color pen and tell them to modify their answers.  Chances are they know the correct answer and you have archived direct data for student success. 
Stay tuned over the next few days as we share innovative ways to assess, document and archive evidence of student learning in the library.
* Posting Video assessments.  Way out there, but this captured student learning:

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