Friday, October 22, 2010

More on Transliteracy

      While speaking with a colleague today, I was amazed at the lack of confidence the Boomer generation has in themselves.  They believe they are technologically behind the Millennials and will never catch up.  I beg to differ.   In actuality, the Millennials trying to find info on the Internet is akin to trying to drink from a fire hydrant.  
      We Boomers on the other-hand, may not be technologically savvy, but we are information literate (for the most part).  We can spot bias, assess whether an article is credible, we take the time to read the list of annotations before we click (we "pick, don't click").   We were raised to evaluate resources and took time to read them.  This generation doesn't evaluate them, let alone read them carefully.  
In steps TRANSLITERACY.   As Boomers become more technologically savvy, their skills will exceed the Millennials because they are transliterate.  We can take our literacy and translate it onto a new medium.  We can transfer our information literacy to a different operating platform.   We can readily ascertain whether a website or article is Credible Accurate, Reliable or Supported.  
      Give yourself more credit and show those young'ens a thing or two.  Have them visit  and ask whether the info is valid or credible.  How do they know.  Scroll down to the bottom and look for the authorship.  Ask them what they think about that corporate ownership name? 

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