Friday, November 19, 2010

Infographics & Literacy

We have hit a new tipping point in society where journalists have realized that images are as prominent as text for conveying information.  The term is:  Infographics.   This is a perfect match for reading, higher level thought, data analysis, and summarizing keypoints.  We all grew up hearing "a picture's worth a thousand words,"  but now in our age of media dominance, that is becoming the mode of operation.

Universities now have departments devoted to Infographics and communication.  Journalists now have to work with graphic artists to convey messages of greater importance than advertising. 
If you haven't caught the New York Times blog on this topic, visit: Click here for New York Times Infographics page.

What a great opportunity for research projects to collaborate with math teachers to strengthen a student's ability to comprehend data represented in visual format.   Connect with the math silo, and talk literacy! Information literacy takes another step of development.

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