Thursday, November 18, 2010

Common Core Standards and Curriculum Mapping

If you are finding yourself caught in a state (RTTT) migrating to Common Core(CC) Learning Standards, take heart.  The mission of the library, information literacy, inquiry-based learning, and authentic learning is rising to the top! Throughout the CC standards, there is inquiry language, 21st Century Learning models, and the need to produce students who can think, create, and solve problems.  Therefore, learning will return to meaning-focus, rather than rote focus.   Here is one action plan a librarian can take: 
  • Print out the CC standards.  This is long, so you may want to merely print the grade levels you work with.
  • Highlight what you are currently doing. 
  • Make a list of what you need to tweak. 
  • Itemize what is totally missing and which teachers you may have to collaborate with.  Take a moment to share your observations with those teachers.  Use your 21st Century Vocabulary such as: authentic learning, technology knowledge products, information infusing for data collection and analysis, synthesis of information, etc. 
  • Hold a lunch-time digestion session in your library to point out how you can help teachers create units which will meet the CC objectives.   
  • Start now -- the states awarded RTTT monies need to be ready to operate/teach in a different paradigm by July 1st.   
  • Click here for a link to the Common Core Standards

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