Monday, April 25, 2011

Notes from the Horizon Report 2011

Every January Educause publishes their "Horizon Report."  This year's report was especially interesting as it portrayed a changing culture along with noting the educational impact of technology.   It is well worth the tedious reading and digesting of its forty page content, but if you don't have time in your work-a-day-overload-MO, here are some of the highlights:
* I loved the new verb "credentialing"  that was used to describe the imperative need to scrutinize the over-abundance of resources available online.   This was ranked very high as an educational imperative to encourage educators to heighten awareness in students.
* People / students now have an "expectation of access."   We knew that, but to actually see this in print and broad- casted as an MO that permeates all aspects of our life was frustrating as an educator.  We know that students expect it and schools deny it. 
* Collaboration has always been stressed, but now we are told that it will actually be the working world's MO via the cloud in our flat world workforce. 
* Privacy was labeled as a growing concern.  It has always been there, but the problems are now magnified and harder ...via the cloud. 
*Digital Media literacy is of vital importance, but the rate of change is almost faster than the learning curve.  Wow.  Never thought about that.  That means that those turtles... will never outpace the hare.  Slow and steady won't win the race.
* 12 month Horizon includes:  Books and mobiles for educational adoption.
* 2-3 year Horizon includes: Augmented reality and game-based learning.
* gesture-based computing and learning analytics...i.e. data-mining, assessment to direct instruction, and more. 

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