Friday, June 3, 2011

Ken Robinson's diagnosis on our educational system:

This 11 minute video is well worth viewing to see a summary of the current epidemic plaguing our educational system.  Even though he diagnosis our over prescripted ADHD system very aptly, he offers very little alternatives in this 11 minute video.   This is a perfect Hors d'œuvre  for a PD session on Inquiry Based Learning.   It took years for our educational system to evolve into "public education" for all, to meet the "capacity" that Ken Robinson claims we all have.  I suppose we shouldn't expect that the paradigm shift won't take years to accomplish, either.  However we have a professional responsibility to do our part to encourage that change. 

We hold about 12 Inquiry Based learning PD sessions annually, and take our presentation to another 15 within school buildings.  This change is exciting, convincing "older" teachers of its efficacy and waking students up to the excitement of learning new material.   Their brains have been stimulated by video games, and it's time they are stimulated to inquire, find information, synthesize that material, create new knowledge and share discoveries.  Be a part of this change -- wake up your classroom.  Collaborate with your cybrarian, inter-disciplinary teachers and plan rigorous assignments that engage, challenge, include creativity, and student collaboration. 

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