Monday, December 5, 2011

Common Core Puzzle Pieces

We are looking forward to our jam-packed full PD on Wednesday:
Come with Content, Leave with a Lesson Plan ! 
This session will focus on bringing the Common Core alignment details together.  
We are hoping the one hundred attendees will feel they have successfully packaged their content for rigor, relevance, and student engagement.    

After spending a great deal of time creating the template for planning, I thought I'd share this. Why reinvent the wheel?  This template was designed with the principles of UBD in mind, and will make sense to those who are well acquainted with Backwards design.   In addition, you will see our local inquiry model embedded. 

Contact your local librarian for additional information on PD the School Library System will be offering, and/or to find out what great resources are available for you. 
(This material/document is copyrighted, please request permission to post, distribute, etc.)

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