Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Transliterate Learner & Common Core

We have PD  tomorrow for 100 teacher-librarian teams.  I've created this "Spicynode" on the Transliterate Learner to demo one tech tool. This was one tool recommended by the AASL 25 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning team. Thank you team members for your excellent choices! We have had tremendous feedback from educators as we share these gems such as Spicynodes.org 

As Pam Berger says, technology should be taught with inconsequential content.  That way, when there's important content, the technology will be transparent.  This Web tool, Spicynodes, has a little learning curve, and is an example where you would want this to be taught with inconsequential data.   A teacher could ask their students to create one of these at the beginning of the school year to "tell me about you."   Or, share via a Spicynode, what you like to read.   After a simple homework assignment such as that, your students could use this for a knowledge product later in the year, and the tech tool would be transparent. 
(GenY Image from centralitymedia.com)

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