Monday, March 26, 2012

Old site-new discovery: Internet Detective

With over a webpages now archived in search engines, it is always possible that there are gems to discover that are sitting among the files waiting to be discovered.   We know that the United Kingdom is across the ocean, but in our flat world, it's just a click away.   While preparing for a Google Alternatives PD session tomorrow, I stumbled across this little Internet Tutorial tool that is too good not to mention!   This is a tool worth mining into your Live Binders or other aggregating tools. 

It's hard to believe that this was created by the higher-education community as I see it as a good tool for secondary instruction.  However, that's the state-of-our-information-illiterate-union.   Every cybrarian or tech teacher should add this little tool to their cadre of secret weapons for web instruction. 
Thank you to the University of Bristol:

While we're at it, try out this little  tool that will help students avoid plagiarism: 

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