Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Battle of the Books - Common Core Style

        Locally, we gave a Common Core facelift to the Battle of the Books (BOTB), or America's Battle of the Books aligning the reading book choices with recommended Lexiles for each grade.  In addition, our battle choices were 50% Fiction and 50% non-fiction as recommended in the Common Core.  We joined both official BOTB groups so that we could glean from their experience and appreciated the resources provided.  Half the books came from the official BOTB group's titles and we received questions for those books.   The questions from BOTB were especially good as five of our titles matched their list.
         As a result of this local battle, we had over 150 students read 10 books in four months.  It was a pleasure to host this and see the students so excited to be recognized for an academic endeavor!  This was good press for the librarians involved and the parents were thrilled.  This was a regional competition, but could be replicated on a small scale locally.  
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