Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why "relevant" and "meaningful" works in education

There is a simple profound, old quote which is sometimes attributed to Mother Teresa :  "It is better to do great things, than to be great."   

Alan November touts this model for classroom instruction in his TED talk.  This is a must see for teachers who believe that students need to uncover and discover, rather than listening to teachers merely "cover."    In this fifteen minute video about teaching with meaning, Alan shares a few examples of how students are changing the world for no monetary gain--but merely to leave a legacy.

November didn't tout the CCSS and cross-walk standards, but presented a challenge of packaging our curriculum delivery through real world models. 

The CCSS want students to "solve  problems."  Remember, we are not preparing students for exams.  We are preparing students for real world readiness.   See your librarian to design a unit of discovery.  Your information center can help students research, synthesize meaning, and create a knowledge product which entails being an agent of change.   Kids watch a ton of reality shows, why not fashion your classroom that way?  


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