Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BLEKKO Information Literacy Game!

  • Looking for a fun way to teach students to assess whether web information is Credible, Accurate, Reliable and Supported (CARS)?  Or, 
  • Looking for a way to get kids to focus on a worthwhile activity rather than just hangout in the library?  
  • Looking for a real-life application of search engine comparisons in a one-stop shopping location? 
Look no more:  Blekko.com  ("Slash the Web!") has created a tool-game called 3 Engine Monte to meet this need.   I dare say we couldn't do a better job, nor why should we when this tool is available free of charge for all!  Intended to convince people to use their site-- which is "spam-free." This tool will become a favorite for librarians teaching information literacy and techie teachers alike. 
ACCESS? -- It should be on the black tool bar, but recent "Grep" options may require you to refresh your screen up to 3 times, until the 3 Engine Monte option appears.  Enter a keyword and get the results from 3 separate search engines  before knowing which results belong to which engine, choose the most credible column and see which engine wins!
Or, slash the end of any search word with /monte  and you will be offered your 3 search engine comparisons! 

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I didn't know about 'monte,' but look forward to promoting this search engine even more! Thanks for sharing!