Thursday, August 21, 2014

Using Seed Texts to Spawn Research - Elementary Examples

For those of you who attended the NYLA - Section of School Librarians Leadership Conference, there was a discussion on elementary examples of "Seed Texts."   ( When I delivered PD, we modeled one HS example and the binder included another HS Biology example as well as a middle school ELA - SS example).  

Here are a few examples of later elementary articles that could be used as "seed texts" for discussion and debate, evidence based discussions, and to spawn Inquiry Investigations: 

Elementary articles for use as “seed texts."  Each of these articles could be used as good examples of intriguing, captivating, close reading examples that get kids to think.  

These seed texts were found in EBSCO's Kids Search, but you can look into any database for similar texts.  These are hyperlinked for access, if you subscribe. 

·        N.J. outlaws ivory trafficking

By: Hanna, Maddie. Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA). 08/07/2014.

By: Gibbons, Brendan. Times-Tribune, The (Scranton, PA). 08/03/2014.

Al Jazeera (Qatar). 06/14/2014.

20,000 African Elephants Killed for Ivory in 2013

Arabia 2000. 06/13/2014.

 Dangerous Pets:  Should they be outlawed?  Are our laws sufficient? 

PBC looks at new rules for dangerous pets, not just pit bulls

By: Sorentrue, Jennifer. Palm Beach Post, The (FL). 07/01/2014.

Weird, wonderful, and deadly animals.

Mail on Sunday. 11/24/2013, p7. 1p.

Exotic-pet store owners fight bylaw

By: Kate Allen Toronto Star. Toronto Star (Canada). 03/10/2012.

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