Thursday, September 18, 2014

Standards Tsunami?

As the standards-change tsunami sweeps the nation, we now see the National Council of Social Studies teachers post new standards.  Yes.  So, lest you think that new standards in ELA, Math, Science weren't enough, we also have changes in Social Studies Standards that are intended to rock the history world.  Awaken to viewing SS through the lenses of: Chronology, Economics, Geography, Civics and more.   

Author  of the C3 Standards, S.G. Grant spoke today at our SCDN meeting in Albany and shared, "Social Studies has too long been about facts and dates.  It's now time to think." 

New C3 Social Studies Standards are operating under an "Arc of Inquiry" and want teachers to frame their lessons around questions which engage the learner.  The official site puts it this way: 
      "The Four Dimensions highlighted below center on the use of questions to spark     
        curiosity, guide instructiondeepen investigations, acquire rigorous content, and 
        apply knowledge and ideas in real world settings to become active and engaged 
        citizens in the 21st century." 

The four new SS dimensions shout…"'Want to come to the library for an Inquiry Investigation?


Sounds a bit like the Common Core to me….
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Be sure to investigate your own state's SS Standards to see whether they were recently updated to embrace national C3 new standards. 

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