Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Got Primary Source "Sets" from LOC?

If you haven't visited the LOC site lately, check out how they have bundled Primary Sources for ease of access!  I have my favorites.  In fact, I love the idea of using this "Patriotic" set for lower grade levels and get them used to using historical artifacts from our past.  Why?

  • The new C3 standards want us to create little "Historians" 
  • These are creative and interesting --even to young second graders. 
  • This is an easy way to meet C3 standards creatively.  
The LOC have developed teaching guides which are ... in general, good guides.  If I have one beef, it's that their questions are too often "concrete" - that is they are answered with simple facts.  I would encourage you to brainstorm better questions that get to the "moral of the story."  Why are these Primary Sources important?  How can they help use meet the standards.  Here's an example: 

The C3 standards call for us to teach "patriotism" at early grades.  You could print out sets of these documents and ask the students :
EQ: What does it mean to be patriotic?  How are you patriotic? How does being patriotic glue us together?   
Your task:  Create a Patriotic Guide for Americans.   

Or, challenge your students this November: 
EQ:  Does adversity incubate gratitude? 
EQ:  How does adversity promote thankfulness? 
EQ:  How does our gratitude measure up with the colonists? 
TASK:  Prepare for an Evidence-based discussion.  

Happy thinking!  Join us at AASL for our pre conference workshop
We will be creating lessons together to get students...THINKING!  


  1. Great resources! The LOC is now offering free webinars for teachers using primary sources. Here is the link:

    Debbie Benedict

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