Thursday, October 29, 2015

RESEARCH (!) will help improve your SAT Score!

Along with the announcement about content changes in the  SATs, comes a bit of unrest in the ELA community.  Culture has changed. Standards have changed.  Students have changed.  Why shouldn't the SAT's be allowed to change? Just because they've always done it that way, doesn't mean they should continue. With David Coleman (ELA contributor to the Common Core) at the helm of College Board (SAT company), it would have surprised me if they hadn't changed.  Be sure to read the following article from the NY Times, if you were unaware that the face of the SAT will look different.  

So according to Tamar Lewin in this NY Times article, (note my "evidence") the test has been "redesigned with an eye toward reinforcing the skills and evidence-based thinking that students should be learning in high school, and moving away from a need for test-taking tricks and strategies. Sometimes, students will be asked not just to select the right answer but to justify it by choosing the quotation from a text that provides the best supporting evidence for their answer...."  

Students will  now "receive a source document and be asked to analyze it for its use of evidence, reasoning and persuasive or stylistic technique."

Access the whole article here: CLICK 
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So in conclusion, why not share with your teachers at a faculty meeting that: 
  • Research is really an Evidence-based claim 
  • Research prepares students for taking tests that require them to think, analyze, conclude, and support their conclusions with data, quotes, evidence, information and more.  
  • Research is a CCSS anchor standard for College and Career Readiness
Therefore, RESEARCH will prepare our students for the SAT's, national testing, and equip them for rigorous work that stands juxtapose to their daily operation of... 

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