Wednesday, November 17, 2010

     This Cornell University Prof not only needs PD for instructional delivery, but also needs therapy for his anger management.  
     There is a higher education survey administered all over called the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE).  Higher Education institutions across the country administer this to collect feedback on the efficacy of instruction.  The organization also provides advice on pedagogy for the 21st Century learner.    If their students are not satisfied, they vote with their feet.  To combat student dissatisfaction and instructional decay, this survey keeps higher ed focused on student success. 
     Public schools don't have the same student attrition problem--yet.  By and large taxpayers send their kids to public schools hoping the instruction is good.  Little do parents know that the instruction is often lacking also.  Teachers are merely content conveyor belts creating budding bureaucrats who know how to complete papers. 
     Common Core standards will help focus instruction for authentic learning.  The School Library Systems in NY are ready to lend PD to districts on "How to Repackage Content for alignment with the Common Core Standards."   Throughout the CC document, the premise is on:Fostering authentic learning

*  Not focusing on the facts or content, but focusing on meaning and knowledge products.
*  What do you want the student to be able to do with the curriculum content? (Not just repeat)
*  21st Century, globally flat, collaborative world ... collaborative classroom. 

Does this professor below reflect your instructional style?

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